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Tunisia – the Netherlands


“Specialized transport for both parcels as well as goods from Tunisia to the Netherlands vice versa”

Are you looking for an affordable and thrustworthy transport company for goods and parcels from Tunisia to the Netherlands and vice versa? We have been transporting various items on this route for more than ten years, so we have plenty of experience.

You can also contact us if you want parcels delivered inside and between the following countries: the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, (parts of) Austria and (parts of) Italy. We perform door-to-door deliveries.

What goods do we transport?

  • Cupboards
  • Fridges
  • Washing machines
  • Computers
  • Laptops
  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • Couches
  • Clothing
  • Beds
  • Bicycles
  • Motorscooters

And many other items……

Please note that we also take care of complete removals!

Would you like some more information, please contact us directly at:

Customized parcel and goods transport

You have several choices in the way the parcels and goods are to be delivered:

1. Door-to-door delivery

We collect the goods at your place and take it to the address of delivery you provided us with. We check every item you entrust us with.

2. Pick-up points

It saves you money to choose the option of using pick-up points. You take the parcels or goods to a pick-up point. We collect your parcel at the pick-up point.

Inform about the possibilities.

Table of charges for goods

The Netherlands:
Inside Europe:
To Tunisia:
From Tunisia to Europe:
Maximum weight of parcels:
Removals, big items:
€ 3.00 per kilogramme
€ 3.00 per kilogramme
€ 4.00 per kilogramme and occasionally customs fees
€ 3.00 per kilogramme
25 kilogrammes
all-in costs, based on quote

Our charges include all additional costs- like Customs documents, which we fill out for you- so there will not be surprises for you moneywise

Delivery areas

As we are located in Appingedam, we arrange the collecting and deliveries of goods and parcels to Tunisia. It is also possible to have parcels delivered in adjacent countries. Please have a look at the map to see which countries we work in.

The Netherlands, Germany,Belgium,France and Tunisia:
all areas
Brescia, Milan, Bolzano, Triest and Verona
Kufstein, Worgl, Innsbruck

Why use the Tunepackage service?

What are the advantages?

  • We are flexible in the places we deliver to.
  • We speak the language of the countries we deliver to, but we also speak English fluently.
  • As for Tunisia: we know its culture, habits and its inhabitants.
  • You can address us directly and make arrangements about your parcel, so no interference from third parties.
  • The goods can be collected and delivered from door-to–door.
  • It saves you money to deliver the goods to a pick-up point.
  • We deliver parcels in and between the following countries: The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, (parts of) Austria and (parts of) Italy, we are very flexible.
  • We have cheap rates starting from € 3.00 per kilogramme.
  • We have more than ten years experience in delivering goods and parcels .
  • Our drivers are friendly and treat the customers with respect.

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