Privacy statement

Tunepackage believes the privacy of the visitors of this website is of utmost importance and therefore Tunepackage will take care that all data provided by the visitor, will remain confidential and that they are in accordance with the General Statute for Dataprotection.

Tunepackage’s privacy statement goes for all visits to the website, transactions and agreements

Which personal data do we process?

Tunepackage can process personal data when you use Tunepackage’s services and /or because you provided the information yourself, such as:

*First name and surname

* Address

* Phonenumber / mobile number

* e-mail address

* bank account information

* additional information needed for specific services

When does Tunepackage use your personal data?

* to contact you by mail or phone for example to inform you about the status of your order

* to inform you about changes in services and/or products

* for invoices

* when Tunepackage has a legal obligation to do so, like information that is needed for tax returns (accounting department)

Period of Data storage

Tunepackage will save your personal data no longer than is necessary. Tunepackage takes care of good and safe protection of saved personal data. Your data will be saved no longer than one year once the order has been completed or when no actual order was placed.

Sharing data with third parties

Tunepackage will never sell your data to third parties. Tunepackage only shares personal data with third parties when this is necessary in order to be able to process an order for you or because of legal obligation.

Tunepackage takes care of the same level of security and confidence concerning your personal data for both its own purposes  as well as for the companies that process your data  by Tunepackage order. Tunepackage will at all times be responsible for the processing of your data.

Visiting the website

Tunepackage keeps track of general data on its website, such as the IP-address of your computer, at what time you visited the website and data your browser sends along. These data may be used by Tunepackage for analysing visitors’ behaviour on its website. Tunepackage uses this information to improve the  functioning of the website. These data will be made anonymous as much as possible and will not be handed over to third parties.

Google Analytics

Tunepacking uses Google Analytics to see and keep record of how the visitors use the website.


*has a processing agreement with Google

* has disguised the last octet of the IP-address

* has switched off the “share data” function

* does not use other Google services combined with the Google Analytics cookies

For more information, please see Google’s  Privacy Statement.

Cookies or comparable techniques

Please read our Cookie Statement.

Social media

Tunepackage uses social media like Facebook. They may use cookies on your computer. Please see Facebook’s privacy statement.

Examining, adjusting or removing data

You have the right to examine, correct or remove your personal data. You can send us a request by mail ([email protected])  to be able to examine, correct or remove your personal data. Tunepackage will respond to your request  as quickly as possible,  but within three weeks at the most.


* Tunepackage takes security of your personal data seriously. It takes appropriate actions to prevent abuse,loss, non-legal access, unwanted publication and unauthorised changes.

* Tunepackage’s website has a SSL-certificate to guarantee that your personal data will not be used by any unauthorised persons or companies.

* Should you be under the impression that your data are not fully protected or that  there are signs of abuse, or that you want more information on the safety of your personal data, please contact us.


E-mail: [email protected]

Telephone:  +31 61 46 24 032

Changes Privacy Statement

Tunepackage is free to change the contents of this privacy statement without informing the visitor .  Adjusting the privacy statement will suffice.

August 1st,  2021

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