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Tunepackage uses cookies that remember your preferences and make using  the website easier.

What are cookies and why does Tunepackage use them?

Cookies are small texts that will be saved on your computer, tablet or telephone. We use the term “cookies” as an overall term: including cookies, web-beacons and javascripts. Cookies will be deleted automatically from your device.  This means that some cookies will be deleted at the end of an internet session but others might be saved for a shorter or longer period of time.

Cookies can be subdivided into three functions:

  • Making using the internet easier: cookies remember log-on names, passwords and preferences, like language settings.
  • Analysing and making using the website easier: cookies can be used to remember preferences and interests based on previous website visits. For example:they can count the number of visitors for a specific page on the website, so Tunepackage will know which parts of the website are popular so we can adjust parts of the website accordingly.
  • Enabling interaction with social media: Tunepackage uses social media in parts of the website, so videos, news or promotional actions can be liked or shared with friends on social media, like Facebook. Many of these social media use cookies to enable these functions. Tunepackage does not have any influence on how these cookies are being used and what these companies use the information for. If you want more information on social media collecting, using data and legal rights, it is best to have a look at the privacy statement of these parties.

Removing and refusing cookies

Browser settings on your computer allow you to remove cookies that have been stored and refuse new cookies. Every browser has its own way of dealing with cookie settings. Here are specifications for each browser:

Switching off cookies only works for the computer and browser you work on when performing these cookie settings. When you use multiple computers and/or browsers you have to repeat these actions for each device as often as needed.

Changes in cookie statement

Tunepackage has the right to change this cookie statement. Every change will be published on this website. Tunepackage strongly advises to check the cookie statement regularly, so you will always be aware of the actual cookie statement.

For more information on how Tunepackage is handling your data, you can have a look at the privacy statement.

August 1st, 2021

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